Ag Ed & State Fair

Wyoming Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association

Ag Education and Wyoming State Fair

Showcasing FFA Members’ SAE projects and Classroom Learning

The Wyoming State Fair is FFA’s State Championship for showing livestock, entering agronomy, classroom and mechanical exhibits as well as participating in showmanship. It is a state qualifying event for FFA members and is sanctioned by the Wyoming High School Activities Association.

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By the Numbers
  • 57.5% … of Student’s SAE’s are animal related projects. These animal related projects include livestock shown at county fairs and the Wyoming State Fair.
  • 257… number of FFA exhibitors competing at the Wyoming State Fair with static exhibits and in FFA showmanship (most recent 5-year average).
  • 848 … youth exhibitors competed at the WSF (4-H and FFA livestock) in the most recent 5-year average
  • $2.5 million in total value of estimated SAE related income. SAE’s are a learning experience for students but also a way to jump start their career and financial stability.
  • $8 million in statewide economic impact from SAE’s and agricultural education in 2016. Our members’ SAE projects impact Wyoming’s economy and the economy in Douglas during the WSF.

Members’ SAE’s are a crucial part of the Agricultural Education model as a required component and intended for every student. Through their involvement in the SAE program, students are able  to consider multiple careers and occupations, learn expected workplace behavior, develop specific skills within an industry, and are given opportunities to apply academic and occupational  skills in the workplace or a simulated workplace environment. Through these strategies, students learn how to apply what they are learning in the classroom as they prepare to transition into the world of college and career opportunities.

The Wyoming State Fair Makes and Impact

“…spending all year with our stock and spending countless hours and dollars making sure our animals are trained, fed right, and taken care of the right way, it’s an experience that is priceless.
If you work hard all year on your projects, then find success at the WSF it teaches you to put your heart into something to succeed. It teaches us to be responsible for something other than
ourselves. It teaches us to work hard toward an end game. It teaches us to set goals and work toward them. It teaches us to communicate with people around us. It teaches us how to spend,
save, and generate money wisely. So many skills that we will carry all through our lives and into careers. In a world full of kids on their phones, we choose to get outside and work hard to find
tools to help us succeed in life.”
-Chase T., Riverton FFA Member and current WSF exhibitor

“The WSF offers members an opportunity to showcase their projects and themselves at an elevated level. They say that you are only as good as your competition and that is why we have always encouraged our kids to strive to make State Fair the culmination goal for their projects.”
-Gerda D., Parent, Green River FFA

“WSF creates opportunities for youth to explore many different aspects of agriculture and life. This allows them to learn more about their natural talents, find their passion and teaches
members responsibility, hard work, and technical skills that they will use regardless of what occupation they chose in the future. FFA members get to meet people from across the state and build relationships that will likely continue past their FFA career. WSF offers FFA members skills, knowledge, and relationships.”
-Jessica S., past Shoshoni FFA Member and WSF exhibitor

“The WSF has given me a certain drive and motivation I can’t find anywhere else.”
-Kyle D., Snowy Range FFA Member and current WSF exhibitor

“The people I met while showing at the Wyoming State Fair has directly affected my career. I would give credit for my participation during the WSF to half of my business connections. Competition always drives success, but for me the networking and people I met while showing at the WSF has made my cattle buying business a success.”
Jeff B., past Cheyenne FFA Member and current cattle buyer